BcBE - Blockchain Based Elections

Date: 17th Apr 2019

Additional points...

This is my attempt to restore confidence in our Country's election process. With the credibility of our democracy at stake it's time we innovate ourselves into a more safe & secure state of handling our elections.

We already use the internet/on-line services for very important aspects of our life.

And for those voters who might not have the technical know-how or necessary devices to cast a vote from the comfort of their own privacy, the regular polling booths may still be kept operational. The only change here would be that the EVMs/VVPAT will be replaced with Blockchain member devices.

Blockchain's "Proof of Work" ensures that hacking of data inside the block is restricted by it's design.

Having a second level of authentication such as OTP or biometric verification despite eliminating any chances of fake votes or double voting by individuals, will also make the voting process ever more secure.

Most importantly it empowers the voters to escape from bullies/blackmailers and other influences. When there are several ways (mobile phone, home computer, polling booth, etc) to vote the voter has the flexibility to choose the best way of voting for him.

Blockchain's "Smart Contracts" will make the process of updating the electoral rolls ever more straight forward.

The idea is to make sure our Democracy thrives. Ensuring the integrity of the election process is at the core of that mission.