Interviewing a Common Man

Date: 9th Jan 2018

In a candid interview with a common man on current politics, he exclaims that Common man doesn’t have time to pay attention to politics. He’s neither interested in voting nor wants to take any part in it. This disillusioned common man basically rests that they’re all the same and essentially begs for the politics to leave him alone.

In other politics, JanaSena Founder says he started the party so he doesn’t regret entering politics after it’s too late as a reason for launching his party. Paree suggested that a 10 point agenda is better than 200 page manifesto. That way the candidates/parties can show their priorities and also, so that people have a clear choice to make. Other topics in the discussion included money distribution during elections post demonetization. In an invaluable exchange, the common man suggests that people come into politics after leaving their other conflicting careers and not in between.

The entire video of the interview is added below.