A Take on Communism in India

Date: 1st Aug 2018

In an interview format, Communism in India was discussed with help of an analogy. A Country’s strength is it’s people’s awareness and education levels. This is my attempt to educate the common people of India on the matters of politics and policies. In Communism, the State owns everything and everyone is expected to work. But there are no differences in incentives between a performing and a non-performing worker, which disincentivizes hardwork.

In Telangana, a new political alliance BLF, Bahujan Left front has formed to target weaker sections, probably due to reducing influence of the left parties.

Simply put, principles of Communism are against the principles of Democracy. No voting rights, no right to express, question or protest, etc. If economic progress was the only measure of a nation's well-being, slavery can be the most profitable. Nuclear fusion is the perfect solution for our energy needs. But, just as it is extremely difficult to create conditions necessary to trigger fusion, it’s extremely difficult to create conditions ideal for Communism.

Technology is not ready for fusion, and the society is not ready for Communism. The world may become ready for Communism after nuclear fusion becomes viable, because when there is abundant energy, there would be peace, which is ideal for Communism.

The entire interview is added below.