Reservations Pandora's Box Opened for Political Gains

Date: 26th Jan 2019

The Central Government of India, the NDA Alliance, has announced a 10% Reservation quota for EWS (Economically Weaker Sections) of the Society as a part of their pre-election announcements in order to make their case for votes.

It's worth noting that the NDA as an alliance or the main Party BJP has never before announced such a program or promise before any elections. The motivations of the ruling party behind the reservation increase announcement may be ignored at our own loss.

Any changes to the Reservation system have to be dealt with carefully. Carelessness in this matter might result in unnecessary adverse effects on already fragile state of peace and harmony within the society.

This announcement comes in direct violation of the Supreme Court imposed restriction on Reservations to not cross 50% mark.

What's interesting is the difference in attitude of the Ruling Party when it comes to matters concerning the Supreme Court. Regarding any action on Ram Mandir, the government says that the matter is in the court and they respect the court. But, when it comes to the Supreme Court's Restriction of Reservation quota, they make a unilateral decision.

What this has set in motion is an open and an unprecendented defiance of the Supreme Court!

But... more importantly, this has opened the Pandora's box, for political gains. Reservation is the biggest problem facing our country's unity and integrity. There are way too many divisions in the country as it is, and any additional strain on the social fabric of the nation can render the situation irreparable.

The video in Telugu is added below.