H1B: The Price We Pay

Date: 4th of July 2018

A lot of people misunderstand emigration, especially to the US. H1B, is a Non-immigrant visa allowing temporary guest workers to stay in the country. Green card is an Immigrant visa. Average wait times are ever increasing but until recently it was 15-20 years. While Overseas educational consultancies are cropping up like mushrooms, parents and students, alike, seek to leave the country without a proper understanding.

Also the current state of H1B visa holders is getting worse by the day with low wages and high cost of living leading to lower quality of life. Indian banks loan excessive amounts money for foreign education. Students are stuck paying debt and unable to return home. Both the children and parents are suffering the consequences of a divided family.

We have to come to terms that there is nothing more satisfying than staying close to parents and building motherland. Come home boys!

The entire video is added below.