Hyderabad Metro Rail Expenditure so far & Partnership Details

Date: 22th Aug 2018

World’s first metro was operational 128 years ago. Long awaited metro train in Hyderabad is about to start it’s, one of the three, orange line soon. It’s a world class facility. However, the ticket prices of metro are high when compared to RTC Bus Charges. Also, metro is not accessible to all parts of the city, so, people will need to use connecting modes of transportation to and from the metro at an additional expense.

RTI we received says, as of 31/5/2018, L&T spent 14237 crores and TS Govt spent 2340 crores. What’s being touted as the world’s largest PPP(Public Private Partnership) has no such partnership agreement between L&T and TS Govt. There is only a concession agreement.

TS provides concessions to the projects which themselves can run into the tune of 1000s of crores. In return the state gets 0.5% of realized fare starting in the 21st year of its operation and nothing for the first 20 years. World’s Largest PPP is a misnomer. It should be called, “the largest private with the smallest possible public partnership ever”.

Metro phase 2 is expected to cost another 20000 crores. I estimate the total cost to be over 50000 crores. At such a heavy price tag the ticket prices can’t go down.

Cars, computers and now even our metro coaches come from abroad. We go into foreign debt and send the money back out of the country so other countries get solve our problems for us; so they can build the solutions we ought to be building ourselves. We need Indian Solutions. We should stop copying and start building cutting edge solutions within India.

Even with all the necessary infrastructure, education and the youth, truly difference-making Indian solutions are yet to be soon.

There are so many problems in the country. Rather than looking for a job, I urge the youth to simply start looking for problems. We need to own them. We’re responsible for our problems. Start finding work for yourself and many others in solving our problems. After all, what good is a job that can’t solve problems!

The video is added below.