No Confidence Motion, Opportunism & Demonetization

Date: 25th July 2018

On July 20th 2018, TDP called for a no-confidence motion on NDA to express AP’s plight, which was completely reasonable, but ended up giving BJP a psychological victory months before elections with whom they were supposedly fighting with. A BJP PM praises TRS at the center, but within the state TS BJP opposes TRS, thus exposing the duplicitous nature of public displays versus actual alignments. TDP, TRS & BJP are fooling people with political theatre. In doing so they are using divide and rule to address the anti-incumbency. BJP wants own MP’s & MLAs from telugu states this time. In lieu of exposed ties between TRS and BJP, MIM is poised to support Congress this time around.

To add insult to injury, rising fuel prices and cost of living are causing angry public sentiments. Demonetization hurt the businesses and the poor very badly. The hasty implementation of GST further complicated the mess for trade and employment. It’s very important for us to understand opportunism in Politics. 5 examples are cited here to help understand. Please see video for in-depth analysis.

The close proximity of Surgical strike & the signing of Paris Climate agreement. Announcing Demonetization on the day of US election. The use of Public money by the ruling party to self-promote. Everyone knows that reservation based on religion will the divide country further, but they raise the issue for votebank politics. And all the Political Parties giving election tickets only to those with Money are all examples of opportunism. Our Country has to be saved from such opportunistic politics.

The entire video is added below.