Mass Enslavement through Public Debt

Date: 11th July 2018

One who has no income, has no right to spend. A look at the Telangana state revenues, expenditure and outstanding debt shows how we’re addicted to a debt fueled economy growth. As per RTI response received... Telangana has 1,48000, crores of outstanding debt as of 6/6/2018. At current repayment rate, with no compound interest and no additional debt, it’ll take 37 years to be debt free.

Just how credit cards get never paid off and how people get more cards to pay existing debt… it's a slippery slope to bankruptcy. Just like that, we can never get out from under debt when the govt takes on an unpayable debt and then we get into more debt just to pay the interest on existing debt. Video also discusses a Kaleshwaram project article from Deccan Chronicle. With no accountability there is just more spending so there can be more stealing. We have no right to steal from future generations. It appears that our Freedoms are being sold at discount. There is no point in living enslaved lives.

Disclaimer: This video & it's content has gone viral in several social media platforms without my intent, approval or consent. People from all parties have used the video (also manipulated versions of the video) to further their agenda. The reason I don’t name names is because it’s counterproductive to my cause. The cause being a stronger India with a stronger democracy and an informed citizenry. We stand a better chance at achieving this goal when we’re united.

The original/unedited version of the entire video is added below.