I’m Announcing My Candidacy for GAJWEL Constituency MLA

Date: 14th September 2018

This is an Official Statement issued by Paree.

Now that the Telangana Legislative Assembly has been dissolved 9 months ahead of time for no apparent reason, the elections are imminent. The CEC hasn't yet made a decision on their immediate course of action but it appears that the TS EC has begun the process of conducting early elections. All political parties in the State have started preparations and announcing the candidates they would field in the next assembly elections.

The political climate in the state is getting HOT!

In lieu of the political atmosphere that's building up to the upcoming Elections, I figured that this would be an opportune moment for me to declare my candidacy for the office of MLA for Gajwel Assembly Constituency for it is our duty to protect our democracy.

When a smart, educated and an intellectual individual actively disconnects himself from the society and wastes away his potential, it’s an irrecoverable damage and endangers the country. And when an unqualified, incompetent and a sold out individual holds the power of the political office it’s even more damaging and dangerous to the country.

Most of us aren’t aware of what democracy entails. Most of the leaders do not live an exemplary life that we can look up to and indeed live up to. Only things that they do, is how to divide us in the name of the caste, how to divide us the in the name of the religion, how to buy votes, how to distribute alcohol, how to grow personal wealth and how to steal public wealth.

Is this democracy?

Our freedom fighters have sacrificed their lives to give us democracy. Our strength, safety, stability and prosperity lie in those very same attributes of our country. It’s our duty to protect our democracy. I urge my fellow country men and women to join me in my efforts to give our future generations a better India. I’m READY! Are you?

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