Reservation in India needs Reformation Now!

Date: 18th July 2018

This is the number one problem facing our country. We have to unite to solve this problem. Political parties use reservation to fool people. 12% for muslims in Telangana. 33% for women in Loksabha & all state legislatures. Creating a new problem to show they’re fighting for it. Women’s reservation bill can change country’s political geography, so, no party would ever agree. This is the double standard between the rulers and the people. Both examples are political theatre at its finest.

Reservation is Pure Politics and nothing else. Divide and rule, this is the tool. British did it to us before, now we’re doing it to ourselves. It’s time to question our compassion for each other. It’s not the people, but, the system that labels and divides us, so we can never truly unite. But remember, the poor can always relate to another who’s also poor.

There is one question that can solve the reservation problem in India. Please see video for details. We are already witnessing increasing protests around the country for inclusion into a reserved category status. Reddy, Kapu, Patidar, Maratha etc., But we can’t solve reservation by simply increasing reservation quotas because it would then contradict itself by becoming anti-poor and anti-weak.

100% Reserved for 100% WILL HURT THE POOR.

We have to reform reservation system for our country’s unity. Political parties won’t risk even a discussion of a reform because caste votes are cast in blocks. We are voting blocks to them. They’re gaming our past and dividing us in the name of our caste. Need of the hour is to reform the reservation system.

The entire video is added below.