Rythu Bandhu: Investment Assistance vs MSP

Date: 14th June 2018

Indian Farmer is the backbone of the country, but has lately fallen behind. Ending up in debts just to afford to plant a crop. Rythu Bandhu gives 4000 per acre as investment assistance. Farmers prefer Minimum Support Price(MSP) over assistance as it would provide a bigger benefit.

Lion’s share of the money allocated to the Rythu Bandhu program goes to big landlords. High daily labor wages are making farming unsustainable. Making it much harder for the small farmer to compete. This program also clarified that it cannot give any assistance to non-land owning farmers.

Central Govt announced an MSP program but is facing opposition from abroad. Indian Market is so huge that big corporations will line up to take the place of the Indian Farming community in a minute. Expensive mechanization further pushes up the farming costs. Without the safety net the farming sector will collapse.

The entire video is added below.