Supreme Court Judges & Aadhaar

Date: 13th Jan 2018

On 12th Jan 2018, 4 Supreme Court Judges, Justices Jasti Chalameshwar, Ranjan Gogoi, M B Lokur and Kurian Joseph called for press conference to inform the public about the improprieties in court operations and proceedings. They complained about selective assignment of cases, in a way that threatens the democracy. All the while maintaining the court’s decorum they expressed anguish about the state of country and its democracy. As the cases being heard were so important they felt the compelling duty towards the country to come out in protest of CJI.

They mentioned that several important cases to the nation were at stake. Is one of them the Aadhaar case? Supreme Court had already declared Privacy a fundamental right, so denial of services/products based on non-submission of Aadhaar is in contradiction of that judgement and unacceptable. Architects of program posting Aadhaar numbers online shows lack of awareness about its sensitivity and dangers. Aadhar linking to all sensitive aspects of life exposes the entire country and all its citizens to cyber attacks. In doing so, the system is creating a single point of failure; when Aadhaar fails the entire country could fail. Citizens, as a whole, are not savvy enough to avoid hackers and commercial intruders.

The entire video of the analysis is added below.