My address to Students at St. Martin's Engineering College Orientation - August 2018

Date: 4th of August 2018

Good Morning,
I thank the institution for this opportunity. It's a very important day that you'll remember for the rest of your lives. Take a moment and cherish this moment. It's a good thing you're here and in 4 years from now you'll be fully grown men and women with a shine in your eyes facing a bright future.

I myself have worked for about 10 years in IT industry and then chose to work for myself. That way I can bring my own ideas to life. I launched a Mobile App called Paree's Food Network to help reduce the cost of food in our society.

Currently, I'm working on educating the common people of India on our constitution, politics and political institutions. As you may know, the state of our Country and our democracy, politically speaking, is not that great. It can be a lot better. The only way we can make our democracy stronger is through education. I'm following the path I feel is the one best suited for me. You may find more on that on my website,

Now, on to very important things about changing trends in the Job Market. We are in something called a ‘Gig’ economy. What's a Gig? Gig is typically a project or a smaller work assignment. A project here, a project there. Your employment is going to be project based. And based on the work on your projects you'll be able to get more work. Therefore I sincerely urge you to stop worrying about finding a job, rather, find a way to solve problems.

Whatever we choose, we'll be better for it.
Why? Because, we're Engineers.
What do Engineers do? Engineers build solutions.

How cool is that? When we see a problem and we are in a position to solve it. Here we are today, on that path, to educating and training ourselves in ways to solve such problems.
But, also understand that the days of our parents are behind us. The days of having a lifetime career in one company are long behind us.

We have a responsibility to become as independent and as multiskilled as possible.

With the advent of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics any definable job and repetitive tasks can/will be packaged into something a machine can do. So, understand, the traditional jobs will be the first to go.
Do remember that! Have a Good day and Good Luck!

Jai Hind!